Constitution Day

It’s U.S. Constitution Day


Cheney’s giving advice about Iraq

Dick Cheney, former vice-president  and “last throes” architect of the Iraq War is meeting with House Republicans on Capitol Hill today.


Ann is re-charging

Ann is re-charging

Ann’s got a Washington Post blog page!

I’m really excited that the Washington Post has created a blog page for me.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to be writing much (since I’m not much of a writer) but what I am going to be doing is posting cartoon gifs, stills, and sketches in addition to the current animated videos.  This new format will give me more creative flexibility and the ability to use whatever medium best suits my ideas.

08262014RotatingCYApodiumFormer Virginia Gov. McDonnell does a Sofia Vargara rotation

Walt Disney Family Museum and Mary Blair

Last week I visited the Walt Disney Family Museum to see the Mary Blair special exhibition with my friend and former CalArts colleague, Ralph Eggleston.  For any fans of Mary Blair, this is a must-see exhibition with several pieces from her earlier watercolor days to the incredible concept art she created for Disney studios.

I was also pleasantly surprised at the permanent collection in the museum.  There are so many  personal photos and items, like the wonderful miniatures Disney collected during his travels throughout Europe after World War II.  Be sure to spend time in the main museum if you can.07302014DisneyMuseum

The children of Gaza

After multiple ceasefires, it looks as though Israel has withdrawn forces from Gaza.  There are varying numbers being reported but according to the UN at least 1670 Palestinians have been killed, 296 of them children and almost 9000 have been injured.  Israel has lost 67 soldiers and 3 civilians.

I’ve read so many comments and articles about the justification for these bombings which frankly just make me shake my head.  Here’s what I think about those justifications:

Medium07312014 (click for the link to Medium)