The video that started it all


A related story from the early 80′s: I remember sitting in my CalArts design class waiting for our instructor  Bob Winquist to arrive.  After apologizing for being late he mentioned he had been a visitor on the set of a video shoot in LA – the very one- and marveled at what a genius that “young man” was.

Monica Lewinsky and Ken Starr

A report obtained by the Washington Post shows that FBI agents and lawyers working for prosecutor Ken Starr threatened Monica Lewinsky with prosecution if she didn’t agree to wear a wire against President Clinton.071798StarrTightropeA cartoon from 1998

Legendary Watergate era editor Ben Bradlee dies

A caricature from 2005 for The American News Women’s Club


Ebola, ISIS, and the border

The Republicans are using the three issues to gain Senate seats in the upcoming November elections- and the Democrats are letting them.



Fear and Ebola

Our cable news and politicians are doing an excellent job of whipping up a disproportionate fear of an Ebola epidemic.  Never mind that there are plenty of other epidemics to really be worried about:


Putin and the press

It’s Vladimir Putin’s birthday today.  It’s also the 8th anniversary of the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

From the archives:10102006PutinPolitkovskaya