Fear and Ebola

Our cable news and politicians are doing an excellent job of whipping up a disproportionate fear of an Ebola epidemic.  Never mind that there are plenty of other epidemics to really be worried about:


Putin and the press

It’s Vladimir Putin’s birthday today.  It’s also the 8th anniversary of the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

From the archives:10102006PutinPolitkovskaya

Hong Kong demonstrations continue

The “Umbrella Revolution” enters its sixth day with the demonstrators continuing their peaceful demands for China to honor their one country, two systems promise in 1997.  Hopefully the Chinese government won’t resort to previous tactics but I admit I’m not optimistic.imagecartoon from archives 6/30/2004

It’s done!

You might remember almost a year ago I posted that I was creating the concept art and storyboards for  the animated sequences in a short film .  Well, it’s done!  New Soul, starring Larry Miller and directed and co-written by Michael Fry is finished and being submitted to film festivals, including Sundance, SXSW, and the LA Comedy Fest.

Here’s some character model sheets I did for the production:GaySamoanCOLsm

Geek&BullyLINEWatch the trailer here

White House security breach

On Friday a man jumped the fence in front of the White House and made it all the way up to an unlocked front door before being tackled by security.  So now according to the Washington Post the Secret Service is considering increasing the buffer area around the White House.

It’s a natural reaction to say “increase the security- whatever it takes!” after an incident like this but let me offer another perspective.  I’ve lived in Washington before and after the attacks of 9-11 and believe me security has already dramatically increased.  Streets are closed, the attitude and aggressiveness  of the Capitol Hill and SCOTUS police have changed and there are so many more areas restricted and off-limits to ordinary Americans. The outside upper level around the Capitol with the dramatic view of the Mall and the Washington Monument is still closed to the general public and you never know when a guard will scream at you to get off a sidewalk because a motorcade is coming down the street.

Here’s my thoughts about this in a 2004 cartoon: 08052004TheTerroristsWon

Constitution Day

It’s U.S. Constitution Day