The Nib book

The Nib is publishing a hardbound book with some of its best political cartoons and comics journalism.  There’s lots of great work by cartoonists Liza Donnelly, Matt Bors, Tom Tomorrow and Brian McFadden, to name a few and a couple of mine are in there as well.  Head over to their kickstarter page to contribute:


Presenting at Idea City 2015

Just returned from Toronto where I did a presentation about free speech and women in cartooning.  Click on the image below for link to the video:


Former Speaker of the House Hastert indicted

Former Illinois congressman Dennis Hastert, who was brought in as an ethical alternative to former Speaker Newt Gingrich, was indicted on federal charges of “prior misconduct” and lying to the FBI.   Some cartoons from the archive:020305HastertDeathOfEthics030205HastertDelayPuppets123104HastertHouseEthics

The 7 GOP presidential dwarfs

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham says he’ll announce his candidacy for president on June 1st, which brings the official republican total to seven.

image(click image to see all seven)

Another shooting and stupid speech

My latest at the Washington Post (click image for link)


Talking about free speech at the Library of Congress

Had a great turnout for our presentation at the Library of Congress on Thursday. I’ve decided my favorite fellow panelist is cartoonist Signe Wilkinson; an excellent presenter who manages to get the audience laughing even while delivering a really solid editorial punch.  Now if I can just keep her alive (she’s a serial jay-walker. Had to grab her from oncoming traffic a couple of times during her Washington visit).  photoCrowe


Signe Wilkinson, me, and moderator Martha Kennedy

photos courtesy of Katharine Blood