Former VP Dick Cheney was interviewed on Fox News last night and said President Bush was “fully informed” about the CIA interrogation methods, contradicting the Senate report’s finding that Bush was first briefed in 2006.

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Rectal feedings, waterboarding, and more

The Washington Post has some excellent coverage and graphics about the Senate torture report:

Hayden’s testimony vs. the Senate report

The 10 most harrowing excerpts from the CIA interrogation report

Pay special attention to #2.  According to the report, President Bush wasn’t briefed about the enhanced interrogation program until 2006. Doesn’t mention Cheney, though.


Senate torture report

A Senate report on the use of torture by the CIA during the GW Bush administration is due to be released this week.

2005 cartoon from the archives:

The militarization of the police

The Washington Post has an editorial about how military-grade weapons have transformed American police forces.


It’s Thanksgiving Day


Former DC mayor Marion Barry dies

I moved to DC in 1992 so I missed all except the 4th term of Marion Barry (one was enough).  The image which sticks in my head is from the snowstorm of 1996,  when most streets were still not plowed for over a week and Washingtonians struggled to dig out.  While walking through my Capitol Hill neighborhood I saw a sign someone had planted on top of one of the 10-foot snow mounds.  It read “Mount Barry”.