Monica Lewinsky and Ken Starr

A report obtained by the Washington Post shows that FBI agents and lawyers working for prosecutor Ken Starr threatened Monica Lewinsky with prosecution if she didn’t agree to wear a wire against President Clinton.071798StarrTightropeA cartoon from 1998

Legendary Watergate era editor Ben Bradlee dies

A caricature from 2005 for The American News Women’s Club


Ebola, ISIS, and the border

The Republicans are using the three issues to gain Senate seats in the upcoming November elections- and the Democrats are letting them.



Fear and Ebola

Our cable news and politicians are doing an excellent job of whipping up a disproportionate fear of an Ebola epidemic.  Never mind that there are plenty of other epidemics to really be worried about:


Putin and the press

It’s Vladimir Putin’s birthday today.  It’s also the 8th anniversary of the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

From the archives:10102006PutinPolitkovskaya

Hong Kong demonstrations continue

The “Umbrella Revolution” enters its sixth day with the demonstrators continuing their peaceful demands for China to honor their one country, two systems promise in 1997.  Hopefully the Chinese government won’t resort to previous tactics but I admit I’m not optimistic.imagecartoon from archives 6/30/2004