Mooning the Pulitzer Board

My story for the Columbia Journalism Review about the great editorial cartoonist Pat Oliphant goes live on Monday.


SCOTUS sends birth control decision back to lower courts

Supreme Court bobbleheads


FAO Schwarz window display

Thirty years ago (!) I designed and installed a series of window displays for the now gone FAO Schwarz toy store on Fifth Avenue in New York City.  I had just returned from London and going through the process of getting my work visa to return so during that wait time I went around looking for freelance work. I think there was a total of 5 windows but these are the only photos I’ve found so far.  The concept, if I recall, was the FAO Schwarz train’s journey from Grand Central Station through NYC landmarks to its final destination on Fifth Avenue.  See the Mary Blair influence in the Central Park window?


It’s the Wisconsin primary today

During a campaign stop Ted Cruz declines to wear the iconic Cheesehead.


Trump is an opportunist; we are the problem

We have met the enemy and-with the help of a celebrity focused news media- he is us.


Trump and Clinton win big in primaries last night

Donald Trump wins Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina while John Kasich takes Ohio.  All the sketches are over at the Washington Post:TrumpLosesOhio