It’s Thanksgiving Day


Former DC mayor Marion Barry dies

I moved to DC in 1992 so I missed all except the 4th term of Marion Barry (one was enough).  The image which sticks in my head is from the snowstorm of 1996,  when most streets were still not plowed for over a week and Washingtonians struggled to dig out.  While walking through my Capitol Hill neighborhood I saw a sign someone had planted on top of one of the 10-foot snow mounds.  It read “Mount Barry”.


Understanding Separation of Church & State

It never ceases to amaze me how short-sighted Americans are when talking about religious freedom.  A county in Florida is revisiting a policy of allowing bibles to be distributed at schools after a group exerted its religious rights by wanting to distribute coloring books featuring cartoon characters performing satanic rituals and drawing pentagrams.

Separation of Church and State protects your religious freedoms, people.


From the archives

Veterans Day, 2014


Republicans take control of the Senate

Let the deregulaton begin!


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The video that started it all


A related story from the early 80′s: I remember sitting in my CalArts design class waiting for our instructor  Bob Winquist to arrive.  After apologizing for being late he mentioned he had been a visitor on the set of a video shoot in LA – the very one- and marveled at what a genius that “young man” was.