NRA holds press conference (taking no questions from the press)

Wayne LaPierre just finished a press conference calling for armed guards in every school.  If you didn’t see it live, you can watch hereGuns & children


  1. Bob Scherer says:

    The NRA represents gun manufacturers, not gun owners.
    No assault rifles, no large-capacity magazines, national database of gun owners, control over sales of bullets.
    No grandfathering of ownership of assault rifles or large cap magazines.
    Get serious about this.

  2. Catchlight says:

    Should there be armed guards in schools, as the NRA suggests? That sounds like a quick fix, but isn’t once you think through the logistics, do the math, and consider the impact on children.

    Most schools in the USA are drastically underfunded, pay their teachers poorly, and have very low budgets for supplies, etc. Where would the money come from to arm, train, supervise, and pay security guards?

    Who would test to make sure the guards did not have criminal records, anger issues, PTSD, or drug addiction? Who would monitor constantly that none of them were abusing children? Would there be gunplay caused by mistakes and overreactions by these non-educators, who might be bored, minimally-trained, and unreliable?

    And what would be the effect on children of having armed, low-skill strangers lurking around their schools from kindergarten on? Would it be the end of innocence by age five?