Rupert Murdoch apologizes for Scarfe cartoon

There’s another cartoon controversy overseas; A cartoon in the London Times has been labeled as anti-semitic by some critics.  While one can question the timing of publication (Holocaust Memorial Day), I find the charges baseless.  So does the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Here’s the cartoon by Gerald Scarfe; make your own mind up.ScarfeNetanyahu


  1. Mike says:

    Is this cartoon controversial? Yes. The antisemitic charge is in doubt, I’d say. Given the range of so many cartoons over the years about Israeli politics this one could be considered middle-of-the-road. I’m sure this will be one of the conversations next weekend when I get together with my Jewish friends. Their responses should be fascinating.

  2. Dear Ann,
    I have to disagree with your view of this cartoon. It is a replication of the famous Nazi cartoons and posters of the 1920’s through today and their disciples in the Arab and Muslim Media depicting the Jew with Christian and Arab blood dripping from their hands, knives and mouths. Or holding the world by the throat. The images are way too close not to bring those to mind.
    If the cartoonist wanted to depict Bibi as an oppressor there are many other ways. As a matter of principle you ought to compare the number of PA Arabs killed by Israelis during Bibi’s leadership and those arabs killed by Hamas and the PA security gangs you will find a totally different perspective. Also compare his statistics to previous governments and you will be surprised.
    Finally good fences make good neighbors and this separation wall saved many lives on both sides and statistics correlated with the geography of the wall bear that over time. A good wall is a form of passive peaceful protest.

    The depiction of the wall as a killer and of Bibi as a blood thirsty Israeli is not only antisemitic, it is anti peace and quiet, it is inflammatory and should be condemned by all peace loving persons!

    I had a lot of admiration for your work but your sense of fairness has let me down, I am thoroughly disappointed in your inequitable position!