Sketches from 2013 Inauguration

I was live-sketching for the Washington Post today; here’s what I ended up with:Hillary&BillScalia'sHatsMoreScaliaHatsSpeakerBoehnerThe ObamasJoeBiden


  1. linda says:

    Love these, as usual you nailed it!

  2. jan powell says:

    Love these. Thought of you as we watched and wondered what you were thinking/doing….now I know! Great job.

  3. B Sharkey says:

    These are truly priceless! Your abilities to process the moment and then translate it to caricature, in this case on the fly, are amazing. I’m in awe!

  4. Rich Wiggins says:

    Outstanding! Great stuff!

  5. Shannon says:

    Joe Biden is my favorite sketch! Way to go Ann, and as always your drawings are spot on!

  6. Mary Simons says:

    I would love to have reprints suitable for framing of a couple of the inaugural day sketches. Would they be available???