Some good news after the Oscar booby show

Just wanted to offer a glimmer of hope after my last post about the Oscars.  I recently returned from a visit to California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), where Ralph Eggleston and I did a presentation for the character animation program.  During our question and answer segment it was mentioned that women made up 62.5% of student enrollment for the 2012-2013 school year.  When I attended CalArts in the early 1980’s there were approximately 6-8 women in the entire program.  Progress.Student&Telnaesphoto courtesy of Amanda Candler, one of the inspiring young women at CalArts.  See more of her student work at her blog.


  1. Mary Reale says:

    It would be interesting to follow the 62.5% as they journey into the work place. How will they do?

    • Ann Telnaes says:

      True, people always drop out and transition into different fields but just the fact more young women are in the program to begin with will mean more in the industry eventually.

  2. jan powell says:

    see, you are a trailblazer Annie!