The Oscars and women

AnnAtDeskSMI considered just letting this go.  There’s so much other important news happening and frankly I’d rather concentrate on my next animation.  However, after listening and reading some of my regular morning news sources I felt I had to spend a few minutes to address last night’s Oscars.  Yes, there were funny and memorable moments; I laughed out loud at the clever Christopher Plummer Von Trapp intro and cheered Shirley Bassey’s Goldfinger performance– but really, we’re still doing boob jokes?  Yes, I know Seth MacFarlane was brought in to attract younger audiences but the obnoxious references to women’s body parts and female tendencies really set my teeth on edge.  As some of you may know, MacFarlane’s fame comes from animation and since I began my career there, I wasn’t  surprised at the sophomoric humor.  But what was a surprise was that it hasn’t changed since the 1980’s.

But maybe I’m not reading the tea leaves here.  Perhaps this is the way to look at the situation; let’s hope so.



  1. I did not like it either. I did not like his performance with Shatner either, very silly for adults. What has happened to the intelligence of the people of this country?

  2. Mary Reale says:

    Sitting next to my 12-year old granddaughter during the boob song was uncomfortable, but remembering my recently divorced mother (1969) not being able to get a checking account or continue use of her credit cards was much more uncomfortable. More deeply, remembering my grandmother and great aunts talking about the days when women couldn’t vote. Poor taste at the expense of others is never funny.