Senator Rand Paul’s 13 hour filibuster against drone policy

Republican Senator Rand Paul spoke out against the Obama administration’s drone policy during a 13 hour filibuster yesterday.  He was joined by several other republicans but only one democrat, Senator Ron Wyden.DemDonkey


  1. Gene says:

    What if a group of American terrorist were thwarted in their attempt to blow up the Lincoln Memorial, and were barricaded in a compound in the West Virginian mountains. They held no hostages, but were threatening to attack a nearby school with shoulder launched rockets. A drone could take them out with no loss of innocent life. Attacking their compound with men and equipment would result in multiple casualties and certainly the destruction of the school and several hundred children.
    Drones can save lives, but only if they are available. Rand Paul speaks as if our elected government is not his government. He echos the fear of an extremist who does not believe they can ever elect their style of government. If we do not like a government, then most of us believe we can throw the bums out at the next election. It’s our government. Why would our government ever attack us? Extremist often lack tolerance, and so believe the world lacks tolerance. Their views can never become the majority, so they fear attack from those whose views are the majority. The government is going to use a drone to attack a US citizen in a coffee house because he has an unregistered gun! That is certainly what the majority of the “liberals” want, and thus is a real threat to law abiding gun owners. Does the term ‘paranoia’ seem appropriate?