2 bombs explode at Boston Marathon

Terrible news- 2 bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon yesterday, killing 3 and injuring over 100 people.  Events like this send the television media into overdrive, filling airtime with speculation rather than actual news and facts.  Let’s hope the coverage doesn’t spiral into non-stop, emotionally driven, 24 hour reporting.  I’m not hopeful, though.020203ShuttleColumbia


  1. jaylamm says:

    In the nausea block it should have read….President Obama addresses nation.

  2. R.C. Harvey says:

    I resent the continual use of the phrase “well-coordinated” in describing the bombing. If it were, indeed, well-coordinated, all four bombs would have gone off simultaneously; instead, two were duds apparently, and the other two blew up several seconds apart. “Well-coordinated” implies fiendish expertise, which makes the terror all the more terrorizing; “botched job,” on the other hand, is less frightening and more accurate.