Republicans plan to filibuster gun bill

SenMcConnellSenate minority leader Mitch McConnell is joining Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio to prevent a vote on gun background checks.  I guess “We the People” and polls showing 90% of the American public support background checks doesn’t matter with these guys.



  1. Mike says:

    How is it that a handful of members of what is supposed to be a “responsible” governmental body whose mandate it is is to act in the “best interest” of the American people can back away from a bill that can help to keep our people, our CHILDREN, safe, in favor of supporting an organization and minority group of people who want to put more guns in the hands of the American public. Dollars before the interests of the people. This isn’t about the Second Amendment — this about sales and dollars! The madness continues.

    • Elaine says:

      Mike, I agree. But I hold Harry Reid responsible, too. He had a chance to stop the right wing’s ability to filibuster and he wimped out. Harry needs to go.

  2. Betty Gear says:

    I think a lot of our problems would be over if the republican of Ky would not put McConnel back in office and the Dems would not re-elect Reed. We need some new folks with some new ideas and we need to save as many people as possible from being killed, whatever it takes.
    When the House and the Senate refuse to do the will of the majority they should not get re-elected. They are afraid of losing their jobs if they offend the folks with money, so lets make them afraid of the same thing by using our VOTES, wisely.