Gov. Perry’s reaction to Wendy Davis’ filibuster

07012013archivesboxWhile the Supreme Court was concluding their historic 2012 session, there was another important political story last week taking place in the Texas legislature.  State Senator Wendy Davis led a 11 hour filibuster against a restrictive anti-abortion bill, which resulted in  Gov. Rick Perry calling for another special session after time ran out before the bill could be voted on. Since the drama unfolded last Wednesday, the I-can’t-remember-the-third-one Texas governor has been following the Todd Akin model, giving a speech to a Right to Life group where he  mentioned that since Ms. Akin had been a teen-age mom herself and said that it’s “unfortunate that she hasn’t learned from her own example”.

animation: Rick Perry’s condescending response to Wendy Davis’ filibuster



  1. Rich Wiggins says:

    I am a huge fan, growing a fan day by day. /rich

  2. Ann Telnaes says:

    Thank you, Rich- I appreciate it!

  3. Ken says:

    I didn’t know he said that. And the Republicans wonder why they have lost the women’s vote.

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