Helen Thomas 1920 -2013

Journalist Helen Thomas died yesterday at the age of  92.  A tenacious and outspoken trailblazer for many young female reporters, Thomas covered the White House for over fifty years.  Her career unfortunately ended in controversy but I will forever remember and thank her for this exchange with then White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan.  If only all journalists approached their jobs like Helen did. 101906InterroTechniq


  1. Richard Wiggins says:

    I had the privilege of meeting Helen Thomas on a flight from DC to Detroit years ago. She was en route to Grand Rapids, to be with her niece, Suzanne Geha, a TV news host at the time. As it happens a young fellow walking down the aisle of the plane bumped her with his backpack. He spilled her coffee on her. She proclaimed “God damn it, some people can’t walk and chew gum at the same time!” I ended up chatting with her, and she privately said to me that George W. Bush, whom she covered at the time, was the dumbest President she ever covered.

  2. Ann Telnaes says:

    Great story; thanks for writing.

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