Jeff Bezos of Amazon buys The Washington Post

WPost5thFloorI work from home so I only go into the actual Washington Post building about once a month to meet with my editor and touch base.  Since it was such a beautiful day, Jim suggested we talk over coffee at the corner Starbucks.  As we waited for the elevator, groups of WPost employees were making their way down to a company wide meeting where everyone expected the announcement of the location of their new offices to be made (there were plans for months to sell the iconic 15th Street building).  Right as we sat down Jim received a text and said something like “Holy sh**!  The Washington Post was just bought by Jeff Bezos!”  I thought he was kidding at first but as soon as I started scrolling my twitter feed, I could see it was true.  Amazingly, no one saw this coming- it seemed like everyone at the WPost was caught by surprise and genuinely shocked.

More to come….

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