The World of Justice Scalia

Here’s a well-informed Supreme Court Justice of the United States.  According to a New York Magazine article, Justice Scalia only reads The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times.  He admits he gets most of his news from talk radio and his favorite host is Bill Bennett.Scalia

*update: Be sure to read Justice Scalia’s answer to why he became an avid hunter.  Scalia recounts when his grandfather and namesake Antonino became too old to go out into the woods, he would sit on the back porch and shoot rabbits who ventured out in the vegetable garden.  When the interviewer suggests this isn’t a very sporting way to hunt, Scalia excuses it because his grandfather was 85 at the time.  I wonder if Justice Scalia will be metaphorically shooting defenseless things from the Court bench in his old age…

*update #2: “… the only heroic opinion I ever issued— was my statement refusing to recuse”,  Justice Scalia said of his decision not to recuse himself from the case which involved former Vice-president Cheney, his hunting buddy.  If I can find the cartoon I did about that case, I’ll post it soon.

Found it!  From 2004:ScaliaResponseRecusalSM


  1. Gene says:

    Nice, endearing story about his grandfather. We smile. I wonder what his attitude would have been if a game warden brought a fellow citizen before his bench for illegally discharging a firearm in a residential area, and hunting from a house (also illegal)?

  2. K. True says:

    Well you can’t fault him for showing his best side, which happens to be his only side!

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