The reality of our health care system

So, the last two animations I’ve done have dealt with conservatives talking nonsense about the healthcare situation in the US.  This one was actual nonsense coming from a well-known voice of nonsensical talk and the other one, from a former VP who is peddling a book about his life-long healthcare experiences and obtaining a new heart.

I’m getting to the point where I feel like throwing something at my TV because of the current debate over whether or not people should be able to keep their current health care insurance plans in light of the Obamacare website fiasco.  Conservatives are yelling about government forcing people to give up their current insurance plans, the talking heads are obsessing about how some people will end up paying more for their new health care insurance plans, and  the House leadership is planning a bill called “Keep your Health Plan Act”. On the last one, they conveniently left out the operative word:  insurance.  We are just skimming the surface on a health care system which is complicated,ineffective and incredibly expensive- all because we refuse to discuss what is fundamentally wrong with how we provide health care.  There are so many other systems in the world we could learn from but all it takes is one uninformed politician or talking head to scream “socialism” and it effectively shuts down any meaningful discussion.

I’ve mentioned this book before, but I’m going to again-  The Healing of America by T.R. Reid Go buy it. It’s excellent and will open your eyes. I wish it was required reading for every member of Congress.


  1. Mark Huber says:

    Bravo. Sadly, playing to the fears of the masses seems to work all to well for too many special interests for reasons that have nothing to do with reforming or fixing health care.

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