West Virginia chemical spill

The spill happened last Thursday but it looks like the MSM is finally understanding the magnitude of this story after the Sunday morning talk shows ignored it.   It’s still a developing story, but there’s at least one question which should be answered:  Why is a chemical substance which hasn’t been tested for humans allowed to be housed near a river which supplies water to communities?


For more on the spill and methylcyclohexane

For more coverage, go to The Charleston Gazette.

For my animation on the subject, from Monday



  1. Paul says:

    People are like sheep….all one has to say is ‘that nasty EPA, DEP, etc., is killing jobs….deregulate, deregulate, deregulate. The same people in this area forget when the Kanawha River was one of the top 10 chemically polluted rivers in the nation. They forget the high cancer rates and breathing related illnesses….and most sadly don’t care.

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