Anti-gay discrimination in the name of religion

I cannot tell you how furious I get when hearing a politician or representative from a special interest group trying to justify these so-called “Religious Freedom” bills now making their way through several state legislatures.  These bills would allow businesses to deny services to gays because of the employer’s religious beliefs- which isn’t any different from not allowing blacks to sit at lunch counters reserved for white customers.


My take at the Washington Post

UPDATE:  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoes bill

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  1. Mike Edholm says:

    Apparently the Arizona Legislature isn’t very interested in the “business” aspects of this. The business climate in the state that Sheriff “Crazy Joe” Arpaio calls home, must be doing just fine and doesn’t need the money that the LGBT community has to spend. But wait…what’s this?! Many prominent members of the GOP are pulling away from the Arizona righteous and their bigoted and prejudicial ways. Could it be that the GOP is seeing “green” (and votes) while those whack-ohs in AZ are seeing “mean?” Curious, don’t you think?

  2. Robert Scherer says:

    1. Take away their religious tax benefits
    2. Eliminate prayer from the congress
    3. Remove “in God We Trust” from the currency
    4. Remove “under god” from the pledge
    5. Stop sending Blue State tax $ to Red States
    6. As far as humanly possible, ignore those cretins (except for political cartoonists & animators – they can continue putting the cretins feet to the fire

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