The Five Questions

I follow British editorial cartoonists and cartooning organizations on twitter so this morning there were several posts about the death of  Tony Benn, a revered figure in UK politics.  I have to admit I wasn’t aware of the impact he had on British politics.  Listen to what he says about democracy and money in politics- and take a look at his ‘Five questions of Power’:5QuestionsTonyBenn I’m afraid I have to agree with Benn that “It’s questionable whether either in America or Britain we have a democracy” when money is considered speech by the Supreme Court.  See questions 2, 3, 4.


  1. bob scherer says:

    !. I have the power of persuasion but my megaphone has a limited reach (unlike Ann’s).
    2. My power (and vulnerability) derives mostly from my anonymity. That is likely to change if I reach for a larger megaphone. (Or say the “wrong” thing.)
    3. I exercise my limited power for the good of my community, which is also for the good of me.
    4. Now I am accountable to myself. (Is this a delusion?)
    5. To get rid of me, just come down my 900′ driveway & take me out. I’m in my garden in the woods, totally defenseless – no gun, no dog, just me. Now in snowy Maine, my 16 acres of woods are quiet. But I am not.

  2. Mike Edholm says:

    Mr. Scherer: I shouldn’t worry about someone coming to “take you out.” At the present rate the brothers Koch will simply deny you access to Brawny towels. Now that’s power!
    The points that Mr. Benn make in the video as well as in his List of 5 are ones that if we had the time to think of them, in this modern day rattier than ever race, we as individuals might actually come to similar conclusions. At least, I hope we would. I’m thinking seriously of turning the List of 5 into a poster, frame it, and hang it above my drawing table in my studio.
    Thank you, Ann, for bringing this to [our] attention.

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