Guns, guns, guns in Georgia

GeorgiaOutOfOurMindGeorgia governor Nathan Deal signed legislation yesterday to allow guns to be carried in government buildings, churches, schools, and bars.


  1. laurie langley says:


  2. Frank LeClair says:

    Every time the rights of gun owners get expanded to allow concealed carry (or allow it in more places), those who don’t believe in the right to keep and bear arms spout their “blood in the streets” fears… And EVERY SINGLE TIME the fears never get realized.

    There won’t be any shootings of innocent people in bars, churches, government buildings, or schools by lawfully armed citizens. WE are not the problem, and never have been.

    • Ann Telnaes says:

      So you support drinking while driving? Because drinking impairs one’s judgement & actions and when combined with driving increases the possibility of people being killed- just like if a lawfully armed citizen was drinking in a bar.

  3. Bo says:

    The worst part of thos law isn’t even being covered. ANYONE can walk down the street in GA with a “concealed” loaded weapon and law enforcement IS PROHIBITED from asking to see their CC permit!

  4. Peter says:

    If your problems look like a nail then every solution is a hammer. United States response to violence is to allow more weapons. From a Swedish perspective, it is a crazy development going on with you, meet violence with more weapons to knock out the violence. A cliche that become more important over the years, Make love not war…
    I like your cartoon Ann :-)

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