Another shooting and stupid speech

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  1. Mike Edholm says:

    This is the very topic that was the subject of a radio interview between myself, editorial cartoonist Paul Fell, and commentator Phil Schupbach at KZUM-FM. The madness of this so-called cartoon contest was so obvious that a blind monkey could have figured it out. Think of it in terms of a “tiger hunt.” Paula Geller and her bigoted plot was designed to use artists as bait to lure extremists into a trap to “prove her right.” It’s outrageous and reckless with the lives of others. And in the state of Texas, where conceal and carry as well as open-carry is well known. It’s a “gun state.” These two extremists were fools. As big as Ms. Geller.

  2. Mike Edholm says:

    Correction: Pamela Geller

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