What we need is a new health care system in the US.



  1. Mike Edholm says:

    Thank goodness the AHCA didn’t make it and ACA remains as the law of the land. The GOP/Trump Crazy Consortium was trying to ram a health care plan with virtually no health care benefits to it and trying to sell it as cheaper and better. Glad it didn’t make it. Now they’re going to try to dismantle EPA. Get your water now!!!

  2. Brian says:

    BRAVO!! At last someone is saying it. “For Profit” insurance companies, by definition, are REQUIRED to put shareholders (i.e., profits) first. Health care recipients are a lesser concern.

    Why is health care any different than a utility such as power, water, etc.

    Utilities serve a common good and therefore are designed (via long accepted government oversight) such that the common good is the primary focus, and not profits.

    The health insurance should not be placed in the private sector. It should be run as a utility for the common good of all.

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