Mooning the Pulitzer Board

My story for the Columbia Journalism Review about the great editorial cartoonist Pat Oliphant goes live on Monday.


Trump is an opportunist; we are the problem

We have met the enemy and-with the help of a celebrity focused news media- he is us.


Trump and Clinton win big in primaries last night

Donald Trump wins Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina while John Kasich takes Ohio.  All the sketches are over at the Washington Post:TrumpLosesOhio

GW Bush campaigns for Jeb in South Carolina

The Jeb! Bush campaign has decided to bet on the fact Americans have the collective memory of a gnat when it comes to a misguided war built on deception and political agendas.  (cartoons from the archive:)020703TheGameIsOver





Recorded interview at CTNexpo

Last year I gave a presentation at the CTNexpo in Burbank, CA.  This very popular annual animation conference hosted by Tina Price is packed with the biggest names in the field who hold workshops and presentations for fans and others interested in the animation field.  Since the theme was “One of a Kind”, I was invited to talk about my transition from animation to editorial cartooning.  Here’s a link to a recorded studio interview CTN did while I was in town.  I’ll post the link to the actual presentation soon. File Feb 10, 3 04 54 PM

The Democratic and Republican debates before the New Hampshire primary

This past Wednesday CNN hosted a Democratic town hall with the last two standing, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (click images to see all my sketches over at the Washington Post).HillarySpeech$

On Thursday the Democrats held their last debate before the primary


…and the Republicans held their debate.  We’re down to only 8 candidates now!