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On this Fourth of July I’m posting again the keynote speech I gave in Ottawa at the Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom luncheon last May.

Nowadays I hear many comments like “You must be having a great time with all this material” or “Cartoonists must be in heaven with the Trump presidency”.  The feelings I have though are not ones of fun or excitement.  I only feel a sense of urgency and concern for my country and the ideals I value.




Nepotism in the Trump White House


Eric Trump thinks nepotism is “a beautiful thing”.



Trump orders airstrikes in Syria

A good time to repost these cartoons from the Clinton and GW Bush years…082198ClintonAirstrikes

Read about the timing of these airstrikes.




President Trump’s Russian Connections


Just the alternative facts, Ma’am

My latest for The NibKellyAnne

His royal Trumpiness