It’s Election Day


Get out and vote, you Nasty Women.

Some 2016 election catch up….

As most of you can identify with, it’s been a crazy election season and I’ve let my website fall behind.  Here’s a few recent cartoons but head over to the Washington Post and take a look at the last couple of months on my author’s page (disregard that one from 2014 which insists on staying in the loop)11012016trumpcavefin



Sketches of the GOP Cleveland convention

The crazy Republican gathering of bread and circuses is over. Family Trump continues its promotional tour, Senator Cruz commits political suicide, and Angry White Men continue to  yell.  You can find all the live sketches here, here, and here.Balloons07212016CruzConventionPerformance

FAO Schwarz window display

Thirty years ago (!) I designed and installed a series of window displays for the now gone FAO Schwarz toy store on Fifth Avenue in New York City.  I had just returned from London and going through the process of getting my work visa to return so during that wait time I went around looking for freelance work. I think there was a total of 5 windows but these are the only photos I’ve found so far.  The concept, if I recall, was the FAO Schwarz train’s journey from Grand Central Station through NYC landmarks to its final destination on Fifth Avenue.  See the Mary Blair influence in the Central Park window?


The Democratic and Republican debates before the New Hampshire primary

This past Wednesday CNN hosted a Democratic town hall with the last two standing, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (click images to see all my sketches over at the Washington Post).HillarySpeech$

On Thursday the Democrats held their last debate before the primary


…and the Republicans held their debate.  We’re down to only 8 candidates now!



Discussing free speech and Charlie Hebdo 1 year later

My excellent colleague Signe Wilkinson and I were on C-Span this weekend talking about Charlie Hebdo, free speech, and a few other things…Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 9.05.45 AM