One day to the election

…and we’re hearing about long lines for early voting in Florida.   Why is Florida always such a problem?

GOP's Florida Ace in 2000 election

Cartoon the Vote

Cartoon the Vote  Sara Thaves of the Cartoonist Group has created a website, Cartoon the Vote, with 1800+ election related cartoons by fifty leading cartoonists.

3rd presidential debate sketches

A couple of more sketches I did during the debates last night for the Washington Post.  Here’s the link to the slideshow.

Mitt meltStill in Afghanistan

Final presidential debate tonight

The 3rd and final debate is scheduled for 9pm EST tonight.  I’ll be doing sketches again tonight for the Washington Post (should go more smoothly this time); will post the link as soon as I can. UPDATE: Live coverage starting approx 8:30pm EST at The Grid.

Obama and Romney