10th anniversary of the Iraq War

The Washington Post has a slideshow of some of my print work leading up to and during the first couple of years of the Iraq War.  Here’s a couple of them; you can see the full collection here.#04021403NetworksAndWar#20061604SaddamOsamaLink

Jeb Bush: ‘History will be kind to my brother’

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush made the Sunday morning news show rounds yesterday and suggested that his brother’s presidency will be remembered in a favorable light.  I certainly hope our memories aren’t that short.#21111605RewriteHistory

Counterterrorism programs and your privacy

Reading an interesting WSJ article about an Obama administration counterterrorism program which allows examination of the government files of all US citizens for possible (that’s the part which should worry you) criminal behavior, even if there’s no reason to suspect them.  The article also referenced the 2002 Total Information Awareness program promoted by then DARPA director John Poindexter, which was widely criticized at the time.  Here’s my view from 2002: