Republicans take control of the Senate

Let the deregulaton begin!


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A soldier’s 10th deployment

Last night’s State of the Union proved Speaker Boehner really does need an intervention for his tanning bed use, VP Biden has now officially turned into your crazy old uncle, and the GOP has jumped the shark in choosing patriotic backdrops (notice the apples; pie anyone?) for their SOTU responses.   But what continues to stick in my mind is the moment when President Obama introduces Army Sergeant 1st class Cory Remsburg.  No, not because of the two minute standing ovation he received and the understandable emotional reaction people (and myself) had- but to this line in Obama’s introduction:

“A few months later, on his tenth deployment, Cory was nearly killed by a massive roadside bomb in Afghanistan.”

His 10th deployment.  Think about that for a minute.


Plenty of news orgs are characterizing this as the SOTU high point, but I haven’t read any stories or heard any of the talkingheads this morning pointing out the outrageousness of a soldier on his 10th deployment and how it illustrates the constant state of war this country is in.  Our politicians are great at waving flags and giving standing ovations for injured soldiers while ignoring what this does to a country and its people’s souls.

Look! Another extended recess for members of Congress!

Here’s a comparison of the House of Representatives schedules for 2013-2014.  Looks amazingly alike in how many days they’ll be in recess, doesn’t it?  HouseSchedule20132014

24 billion dollars later…

The Senate and House finally passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling and re-open the government late last night.  What an worthless waste of time and money these past two weeks have been.

A collection of animations about Congress and the government shutdown (click on each image):




GOP proposes to open parts of the government

We’re in day 2 of the Government Shutdown.  The Republicans are trying to change the narrative from the fact they caused the shutdown over the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare), so they’re proposing to open parts of the governments to appeal to certain groups of voters.  PanderBears

Back to work

Congress is returning today after their a 5 week recess (you had most of August off from your job, didn’t you?) to face the question of Syria. President Obama will also be making his case for airstrikes on six(!) networks today, followed by a Tuesday prime-time address from the White House.

Here’s what I thought in 2003 about Bush’s push for war in Iraq:052903PiedPiperAndWMD

…and here’s what I think about Obama’s case for airstrikes in Syria.