The dark tunnel in front of us…

While I’m under the weather I’ll post this from a few weeks ago, since it expresses my feeling where this country is going.  Really hope I’m wrong.


Hong Kong demonstrations continue

The “Umbrella Revolution” enters its sixth day with the demonstrators continuing their peaceful demands for China to honor their one country, two systems promise in 1997.  Hopefully the Chinese government won’t resort to previous tactics but I admit I’m not optimistic.imagecartoon from archives 6/30/2004

The Five Questions

I follow British editorial cartoonists and cartooning organizations on twitter so this morning there were several posts about the death of  Tony Benn, a revered figure in UK politics.  I have to admit I wasn’t aware of the impact he had on British politics.  Listen to what he says about democracy and money in politics- and take a look at his ‘Five questions of Power’:5QuestionsTonyBenn I’m afraid I have to agree with Benn that “It’s questionable whether either in America or Britain we have a democracy” when money is considered speech by the Supreme Court.  See questions 2, 3, 4.