Cheney’s giving advice about Iraq

Dick Cheney, former vice-president  and “last throes” architect of the Iraq War is meeting with House Republicans on Capitol Hill today.


Fool me once, shame on me… fool me… you can’t get fooled again

The Republican National Committee is selling “I miss W” t-shirts.  Really.


The Bush chickenhawks are back

The same cast of characters who gave us the Iraq war are now giving advice about how to respond to the current situation in Iraq.


I’ll link to the animation at the Washington Post when it’s posted.

Here it is



“Maleficent” opens today, the live-action film based on the original animated character from Disney’s 1959 “Sleeping Beauty”.  While I’m sure Angelina Jolie does a great job portraying the evil queen, I think they missed a casting opportunity:081206BeAfraidCheneyfrom the archives

Frontline: United States of Secrets


If you’re not completely appalled by the actions of the Bush administration (& inaction by Obama) after watching the part 1 of Frontline’s United States of Secrets, you’re comatose.  The hubris of people like former NSA director Michael Hayden and Vice President Cheney’s former legal counsel David Addington is jaw-dropping and the treatment of longtime NSA employees turned whistleblowers absolutely chilling.

George W Bush still doesn’t get it

This past Sunday ABC’s This Week ran an interview with the former president where he talked about his involvement with veterans and the difficulties they face when re-entering civilian life.  At one point Bush gets somewhat emotional and says “I’m in there with them”.  No, you’re not. You (and your administration) are the reason so many are in a place where you are not.