It’s Election Day


Get out and vote, you Nasty Women.

Some 2016 election catch up….

As most of you can identify with, it’s been a crazy election season and I’ve let my website fall behind.  Here’s a few recent cartoons but head over to the Washington Post and take a look at the last couple of months on my author’s page (disregard that one from 2014 which insists on staying in the loop)11012016trumpcavefin



The Democratic and Republican debates before the New Hampshire primary

This past Wednesday CNN hosted a Democratic town hall with the last two standing, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (click images to see all my sketches over at the Washington Post).HillarySpeech$

On Thursday the Democrats held their last debate before the primary


…and the Republicans held their debate.  We’re down to only 8 candidates now!



Prints from the Hillary Clinton Benghazi hearing

I’ve received some requests for purchasing reprints of the sketches from the Hillary Clinton Benghazi hearings; they’re now available at the Cartoonist Group. (*Looks like the store is down, please contact for purchases and questions)


Hillary testifies at House Benghazi hearing

Last Thursday former Secretary of State testified for over 9 hours in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi.  You can see all the sketches at my Washington Post blog:


Hillary is digging herself out of 2016 race

An animated gif from my Washington Post blog (click image for link):