What a difference 4 years make…

Obama and Hillary Clinton did a joint interview last night on 60 Minutes.  Remember when they weren’t quite as friendly?042608HillaryPennPrimaryWin

Sketches from 2013 Inauguration

I was live-sketching for the Washington Post today; here’s what I ended up with:Hillary&BillScalia'sHatsMoreScaliaHatsSpeakerBoehnerThe ObamasJoeBiden

Looking back at the 2009 Inaugural

In preparation for the Inaugural, I dug out my animation from Obama’s first in 2009.  Why did I color him blue?  Oh, now I remember; the thinking at that time in Washington was that the new administration would usher in a period of cool, Rat-pack type style.  That didn’t last long (either the thinking or my blue Obama).01212009ObamaInaugural

A look back at past sex scandals

A slideshow of print cartoons from my archives- Bill Clinton, The Catholic Church, Newt Gingrich and more.Gingrich adultry