GW Bush campaigns for Jeb in South Carolina

The Jeb! Bush campaign has decided to bet on the fact Americans have the collective memory of a gnat when it comes to a misguided war built on deception and political agendas.  (cartoons from the archive:)020703TheGameIsOver





Brian Williams is not the problem

The salivating Washington media is.  Don’t get me wrong; I couldn’t care less about Brian Williams.  If ever there was an example of a stereotypical blow-dried network  news anchor, it’s him.  But all the chatter by the Washington talking heads about this issue just exposes the fact that far less attention was paid to all the news personalities and organizations who didn’t hold the Bush administration accountable in the lead up to the Iraq War- a much more important issue.

06022008videoscreenclick image for my Washington Post blog and 2008 animation about this issue



Cheney’s giving advice about Iraq

Dick Cheney, former vice-president  and “last throes” architect of the Iraq War is meeting with House Republicans on Capitol Hill today.


Fool me once, shame on me… fool me… you can’t get fooled again

The Republican National Committee is selling “I miss W” t-shirts.  Really.


The Bush chickenhawks are back

The same cast of characters who gave us the Iraq war are now giving advice about how to respond to the current situation in Iraq.


I’ll link to the animation at the Washington Post when it’s posted.

Here it is


The poodle speaks

Former British PM Tony Blair is speaking out about Iraq, insisting that the 2003 war has no connection to what’s going on there now.

Two cartoons done for the Guardian in 2006: