GW Bush campaigns for Jeb in South Carolina

The Jeb! Bush campaign has decided to bet on the fact Americans have the collective memory of a gnat when it comes to a misguided war built on deception and political agendas.  (cartoons from the archive:)020703TheGameIsOver





The Democratic and Republican debates before the New Hampshire primary

This past Wednesday CNN hosted a Democratic town hall with the last two standing, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (click images to see all my sketches over at the Washington Post).HillarySpeech$

On Thursday the Democrats held their last debate before the primary


…and the Republicans held their debate.  We’re down to only 8 candidates now!



Another Bush presidency?

Former governor Jeb Bush gave a foreign policy speech yesterday in Chicago where he tried to distance himself from his brother George’s administration.  In case you’ve forgotten what a disaster the last Bush presidency was, take a look at this.

Jeb&George Bush


Jeb Bush: ‘History will be kind to my brother’

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush made the Sunday morning news show rounds yesterday and suggested that his brother’s presidency will be remembered in a favorable light.  I certainly hope our memories aren’t that short.#21111605RewriteHistory