Cardinal Dolan: A “loyal American”

New York’s Archbishop Cardinal Timothy Dolan appeared Easter Sunday on Face the Nation, talking mostly about the positive effect Pope Francis has had on the Church and a bit on the possible candidacy of Jeb Bush in 2016.  He was also questioned about the change in public opinion about gay marriage in the US.  This part of his reply caught my attention:

Do I believe that society could be affected negatively if we tamper with the definition of marriage? Yeah. And that’s just not as a man of faith, that’s just, I’d like to think, as a loyal American — that if we tamper with that essential of human relationships – marriage — we’re sooner or later going to come to regret it.”

“A loyal American”?  So, does that mean that people who support marriage equality are not loyal Americans?  The Washington media in general is taken in by Cardinal Dolan’s  jovial, good guy next door schtick but he’s always come across as a car salesman to me.  I’m a bit surprised no one in the media picked up on his not so subtle suggestion that being against gay marriage somehow makes one a real American.Cardinal Timothy Dolan

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