The Democratic and Republican debates before the New Hampshire primary

This past Wednesday CNN hosted a Democratic town hall with the last two standing, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (click images to see all my sketches over at the Washington Post).HillarySpeech$

On Thursday the Democrats held their last debate before the primary


…and the Republicans held their debate.  We’re down to only 8 candidates now!



The 7 GOP presidential dwarfs

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham says he’ll announce his candidacy for president on June 1st, which brings the official republican total to seven.

image(click image to see all seven)

CPAC 2014

The crazy conservatives are back in town.  A few of the speakers:


Republicans plan to filibuster gun bill

SenMcConnellSenate minority leader Mitch McConnell is joining Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio to prevent a vote on gun background checks.  I guess “We the People” and polls showing 90% of the American public support background checks doesn’t matter with these guys.