Russian cartoonist Victor Bogorad

I’ve been meaning to post these wonderful sketches by the Russian cartoonist Victor Bogorad ever since my return from the Memorial de Caen Dessin de Presse conference.  During a panel where we discussed religion and if there are limits in cartooning Victor was sitting in the audience, busily sketching.  He made a little booklet out of them which he presented to me afterwards.  I find his work quietly powerful, which not many people can accomplish.BogoradSketches2015

Day 3- Memorial de Caen cartoon conference

Panel: “Cartooning in war time”
Cartoonists from Palestine, Iran, Algeria, Morocco, and Russia discuss working in countries under repressive governments and during wartime.

Sabaaneh/ Iran Mohammad Sabaaneh, Palestine
“The most hard thing a cartoonist faces in the Arab world… is the audience”

Alizadah, Iran Javad Alizadeh, Iran
“If I think about danger, I would never draw a cartoon”

Bogorad/ Russia Victor Bogorad, Russia
“Most magazines and newspapers prefer not to deal with the subject” (Putin and Ukraine)

Gueddar/ Morocco Khalid Gueddar, Morocco
“Sex, Religion, Royal family” (taboos in Morocco)

Lounis/ Algeria Djamel Lounis, Algeria
“No satirical reviews in Algeria anymore (due to) repressive laws concerning journalists”

Memorial de Caen

This week I’m attending a cartoon conference in Caen, France with cartoonists from Algeria, Chad, France, Iran, Mexico, Morocco, Palestine, Portugal, Spain, and Russia.  I’ll be posting photos and updates from the event.Du Dessin De Presse.