The process

A recent Facebook post asked me to explain how I create my animations.  Basically, I approach the concept process the same as I did my print editorial cartoons;  reading and listening to the news, drawing thumbnails, and making notes in my sketchbook.sketchbook pageMy drawings tend to be very rough so sometimes I can’t even decipher what I’ve done.

On deadline days I’ll decide on which idea to take to the next step to make sure that it will work as an animation. This is where my process changes (and becomes longer) than my process to create a print cartoon.  While sketching up ideas I’ll also write down possible sound effects to use and then go online to find and purchase what I’ll need.  Sounddogs is my favorite to use.  After that it’s time to lay tracks and begin figuring out the timing.  In Photoshop,  I’ll scan in rough drawings and export to Flash where I’ve laid my sound tracks.  Once I think it’s working, I’ll send to my editor at The Washington Post for approval.  After I get her ok, then it’s time to do the final animation animation poses.  animation poses

This is where I’ll send you over to an excellent video by Anup Kaphle which shows the rest of the process (this was done about a year ago, so it won’t show the one above; but you’ll get the idea)- and then here is the finished version.