Trump is an opportunist; we are the problem

We have met the enemy and-with the help of a celebrity focused news media- he is us.


LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling

The owner of the LA Clippers is banned for life from the NBA and fined $2.6 million after audiotape of several racist comments he made during a conversation with his girlfriend is released.DonaldSterlingFrom the looks of this guy he must be an exceptional speaker since his First Amendment right of $peech attracts such young and beautiful women.

WANTED: hoodie

WantedHoodieSMI’ve heard many pundits dismiss the issue of “Stand Your Ground” laws in the discussion of the Trayvon Martin case because it wasn’t part of the defense strategy but I think that’s missing the underlying issue.  When you combine people’s prejudices with guns and the right to use force in self-defense outside of your home, there will be more killings.   Don’t buy it?  Well, think about how people act in their cars when you accidentally cut them off.  Now put a gun, a perceived threat, and no obligation to retreat first all together.