SCOTUS sends birth control decision back to lower courts

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Time for an atheist justice on the Supreme Court

JusticeAngelsI’ve mentioned this here before that I’m a firm believer in the Separation of Church and State.  Not because of my religious beliefs or non-beliefs but because I think Separation of Church and State is the best way to ensure that all Americans have the freedom to worship (or not) without intimidation or threats.

I think the Court is missing the point about allowing prayer in government institutions when using the “coercion” argument.  The issue isn’t whether or not the actual prayer praises or denigrates a particular faith- it’s whether there should be any prayers at all before a public town council meeting.  How about a moment of silence?  One could recite the Lord’s Prayer, offer praise to Allah, or just mentally go over your grocery list.  I myself would welcome a moment of silence before having to listen to politicians start blabbering.