What we need is a new health care system in the US.


Republicans take control of the Senate

Let the deregulaton begin!


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Ebola, ISIS, and the border

The Republicans are using the three issues to gain Senate seats in the upcoming November elections- and the Democrats are letting them.



24 billion dollars later…

The Senate and House finally passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling and re-open the government late last night.  What an worthless waste of time and money these past two weeks have been.

A collection of animations about Congress and the government shutdown (click on each image):




Speaker Boehner chasing after his fig leaf

The Speaker and the nutty conservatives who lead him continue to drag the rest of America further into the hole they’ve been digging.  Last night the House again failed to come up with a plan to lift the debt ceiling and end the government shutdown- so they basically threw the mess into the Senate’s lap and went homeBoehnerCantorFigLeaf

Government shutdown: Day 15

Ted Cruz held a secret meeting at Tortilla Coast, a Capitol Hill restaurant last night.