SCOTUS sends birth control decision back to lower courts

Supreme Court bobbleheads


SCOTUS Justice Scalia found dead at Texas hunting resort

The unexpected death of Justice Scalia has big repercussions for upcoming court cases and the race for the presidency.

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Can you hear me now?

SCOTUScellphonesSMThe Supreme Court hears 2 arguments today about whether the police can search the cell phones of suspects they arrest before obtaining an search warrant.  Since most people today own smartphones which contain all sorts of private information, what the justices eventually decide will impact us all.  My first question is, how many justices actually use cell phones?

Supreme Court sexism?

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has had to deal increasingly with the question whether she’ll step down from the bench while a Democratic president is still in office.  Yes, she is 80 years old- the oldest member of the Court- and there’s the danger of health issues forcing a resignation during a conservative presidency.  But hey, but the life expectancy of women in the US is five years more than men.  That means that Justice Scalia (77) should consider stepping down as well as Justice Kennedy (77) and Breyer (75), right?  At least we should expect more interviewers asking them the question only posed to Justice Ginsburg…


13 years ago today

On Dec. 12, 2000 the Supreme Court issued a decision on Bush v. Gore, effectively deciding the presidential election.  Here’s the cartoon I did about it, which was also part of my entry which won the Pulitzer Prize in 2001:121300SupremeCourtDecision


Town of Greece v Galloway

Yesterday the Supreme Court heard arguments over the question of public prayers at town board meetings in Greece, NY.  Chris Christie and other election results dominated the news but it will be interesting to see how the Court ultimately rules.  Here’s a few photographs from outside the court:

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