Trump is an opportunist; we are the problem

We have met the enemy and-with the help of a celebrity focused news media- he is us.


LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling

The owner of the LA Clippers is banned for life from the NBA and fined $2.6 million after audiotape of several racist comments he made during a conversation with his girlfriend is released.DonaldSterlingFrom the looks of this guy he must be an exceptional speaker since his First Amendment right of $peech attracts such young and beautiful women.

Bully blocking bridges and other things…

The big political story this morning is Governor Chris Christie’s bridge problem.  Apparently a couple of Christie’s political hacks, obviously still in a high school state of mind, decided to stick it to a political opponent by creating a massive traffic problem on the George Washington Bridge.  Christie is scheduled to make a statement today at 11am, so more on that later.  Another interesting story to catch my eye early this morning was this from the LA Times:Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 8.00.00 AMSome of you may know I used to work for Disney, so I do have some insight about the whole issue of women and the animation industry.  Too much to talk about right now, but I am looking forward to seeing what the animation blogs make of this.  Meanwhile, here’s a quick sketch of Streep, one of my favorite actors:MerylStreep


Supreme Court sexism?

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has had to deal increasingly with the question whether she’ll step down from the bench while a Democratic president is still in office.  Yes, she is 80 years old- the oldest member of the Court- and there’s the danger of health issues forcing a resignation during a conservative presidency.  But hey, but the life expectancy of women in the US is five years more than men.  That means that Justice Scalia (77) should consider stepping down as well as Justice Kennedy (77) and Breyer (75), right?  At least we should expect more interviewers asking them the question only posed to Justice Ginsburg…


Six Chix sunday strips

In 2000, King Features launched Six Chix, a daily comic strip created by six women.  I was one of the original “Chix” and my designated day was Thursday.  The color Sunday strip was rotated between all the cartoonists.  I was a bit ambivalent about the whole thing; while I enjoyed the opportunity to create cartoons which weren’t purely editorial, the gimmick of a strip by six women set my teeth on edge.  There wasn’t a reason why any of the Six Chix contributors shouldn’t have been offered a strip on their own; can you imagine syndicates even approaching male cartoonists with this idea? SixChix072901SUNProteinInMyDiet SixChix092202SUNYoYoMaMaSixChix032104UNLadyGodivaSixChix051902SUNshoetrapSixChix101704SUNumbrellas

Some good news after the Oscar booby show

Just wanted to offer a glimmer of hope after my last post about the Oscars.  I recently returned from a visit to California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), where Ralph Eggleston and I did a presentation for the character animation program.  During our question and answer segment it was mentioned that women made up 62.5% of student enrollment for the 2012-2013 school year.  When I attended CalArts in the early 1980’s there were approximately 6-8 women in the entire program.  Progress.Student&Telnaesphoto courtesy of Amanda Candler, one of the inspiring young women at CalArts.  See more of her student work at her blog.