Fallen Disney Princesses

These photographs by Dina Goldstein are great; I especially love the Rapunzel one.  There’s a short interview where the creator explains how her princess-obsessed daughter was her motivation behind the series.   I did several comic strips along the same line during my Six Chix days.  Here’s the title page from the chapter “Happily Ever After” in my book, Humor’s Edge:HumorsEdgeHappilyEverAfter


White smoke, new pope

The wait (and excessive media coverage- but that’s another post) is over.  Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina has been elected pope.  This BBC profile of the new pope describes him as “orthodox on sexual matters but strong on social justice”.  I see that as a big contradiction.  Women’s economic status, especially in poor countries, is affected by the lack of access to contraceptives and their position in society.WomenEconomicInequalitySM

March 8th is International Women’s Day


Some good news after the Oscar booby show

Just wanted to offer a glimmer of hope after my last post about the Oscars.  I recently returned from a visit to California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), where Ralph Eggleston and I did a presentation for the character animation program.  During our question and answer segment it was mentioned that women made up 62.5% of student enrollment for the 2012-2013 school year.  When I attended CalArts in the early 1980’s there were approximately 6-8 women in the entire program.  Progress.Student&Telnaesphoto courtesy of Amanda Candler, one of the inspiring young women at CalArts.  See more of her student work at her blog.

Speaker Boehner appoints a woman to committee chair

Oh, look- just days after Speaker Boehner appointed 19 men to committee chair positions for the 113th Congress, he announces that Representative Candice S. Miller of Michigan will head the Committee on House Administration.

Romney’s gifts

Mitt Romney blames his loss on  Obama’s “gifts” to Hispanics, African-Americans, young voters.

Tax cuts for the wealthy creates jobs